Artem Kadeev (Артём Кадеев) - bright and charismatic, stylish and slightly sweet, popular Ukrainian DJ, who works all over the world, knows how to feel the audience and the mood of the events.

DJ has become known to the Ukrainian public since 2004. His career has developed rapidly, starting with the most popular nightclubs in the capital: Arena City, SkyHall, Euro Dance Hall, Egoist, Prime, Forsage, Sorry Grandmother, Salminsky, Haven and others.

He has been working in private and corporate events since 2010 and managed to gain a name in large companies such as KIA, Kyivstar, Ciclum, AVK, MSD, Mille, SBTech, BASF, Toyota, Billa, The Burger, Mary-Key, E-consalting ,.

DJ is in partnership with the Association of Leading Ukrainians, collaborates with the most popular shows, works with the show's stars and simply adores to play the music on large stages and large-scale events.

He is also a resident and co-organizer of many thematic events: beauty contests, training trainings, seminars, master classes, festivals, fashin shows, sporting events, club parties, and large team building.

During his career DJ Artem Kadeev played on more than 1000 parties and private events and has a lot of experience in the musical accompaniment of the most beautiful wedding celebrations. Partners respect him for professionalism and human values, he works at charitable events and children's projects.

He was also a DJ at the opening of fan zones of Eurovision 2017.

 Artem Kadeev is a part of the project Shain Lee.

The owner and founder of ARTRENT.COM.UA - professional technical support for events.

One of the owners and creator of the FunFactoryTeam event.

Fun Factory - Unique solutions for organizing events.

The ideologue and one of the creators of the project